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Masters Apprentices - Fully Qualified

Masters Apprentices - Fully Qualified

  1. Introduction
  2. The Early Days
  3. The First Gigs
  4. The Road To Melbourne
  5. The Quartet
  6. Where’s My Guitar?
  7. Rebelling
  8. London’s Calling
  9. Good & Bad
  10. Pretty Good Run
1. Introduction - Mustangs To Master    
Death Of A King
Poor Boy

2. Mark 1 – The Early Days
Hot Gully Wind
Wild Wild Party

3. The First Gigs
Wars Or Hands Of Time
Buried And Dead  

4. The Road To Melbourne
Living In A Child’s Dream
Elevator Driver

5. Mark 2 – The Quartet
Turn Up Your Radio
But One Day
Who Do You Think You Are

6. Where’s My Guitar?
Barefoot When I Saw Her                                 

7. Rebelling
5.10 Man
Turn Up Your Radio
Turn Up Your Radio
Captivating Voice
Think About Tomorrow Today

8. Mark 3 – London’s Calling
Easy To Lie
Rio De Camero (Live)
I’m Your Satisfier
Death Of A King      
Death Of A King

9. Good & Bad
Our Friend Owsley Stanley III
Answer Lies Beyond
Love Is
Song For Joey Part 11
Song For Joey Part 11
Beneath The Sun

10. Pretty Good Run
Because I Love You
Because I Love You

11. Credits:
Thyme To Rhyme

Approximate Running Time Documentary:  1 hour  23 Minutes  18  Seconds.

Bonus Vision: Abbey Road Revisited

1. Because I Love You.(5.57)
2. Death Of A King.(4.06)
3. Easy To Lie.(4.58)
4. Elevator Driver.(2.19)
5. Buried And Dead.(2.07)
6. 5.10 Man.(2.40)
7. Think About Tomorrow Today.(3.42)
8. Turn Up Your Radio.(3.31)
9. Because I Love You.(3.45)
10. Death Of A King.(1.41)
11. Easy To Lie.(3.46)
12. I’m Your Satisfier.(3.10)
13. Rio De Camero.(3.32)
14. Michael.(3.05)
15. Love Is.(3.06)

Filmed By:
Peter Hall
Ashley Scott
Anne Marie Garcia
Leon De Pettri
Kilner Mason
Maurice Fleisher

Photography/Stock Footage Archives:
Jim Keays
Glenn Wheatley
Graham Longley
ABC Archives

DVD Executive Producers:Drew Thompson & Jim Keays
Directed by: Robbie Newby
Edited by:Alister Robbie
Audio Mastered by: Martin Mullen at Eden Sound
Stereo mix by: Alister Robbie
DVD Authoring: Microstream Pty Ltd
Masters Apprentices Management Official Website:
Cover Design/Artwork: Robbie Newby

Technical information:

Language: English.
Duration Documentary: 1 Hour 23 minutes 18 seconds.  
Bonus Vision:
Picture Format: 16:9 Full Frame
Disc Format: DVD-9 Dual Layer
Pal 625/50
Regional Code:  1,2,3,4,5,6.
Audio Dolby:  Audio 1. Dolby 2/0
Audio 2.  PCM 2/0

All Audio Visual Recording  (C) 2006 Masters Apprentices Pty Ltd under Licence to Thompson Music Pty Limited.
(C) All Artwork 2006 Thompson Music Pty Limited.

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