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Glenn Hughes - Live In Australia


live in australia 240  
  1. Valiant Denial
  2. Steppin’ On
  3. Monkey Man
  4. This House
  5. You Got Soul
  6. Frail
  7. Black Light
  8. Nights in White Satin
  9. Too High
  10. This is How I Feel
  11. The Divine
  12. Monkey Man (with Jimmy Barnes)
  13. Misty Mountain Hop

He’s been called the “Voice of Rock”. His career has spanned more than four decades, having played with Deep Purple, Trapeze and Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi, in addition to establishing a highly regarded solo identity. Ladies and gentlemen: GLENN HUGHES.

Bonus features on the DVD include:


  1. The making of "Music For The Divine"

Film Clips

  1. Monkey Man
  2. This House
  3. The Divine
  4. Bonus Live Tracks
  5. Coast to Coast
  6. Getting Tighter (solo acoustic)
  7. Nights in White Satin (featuring Chad Smith)
  8. Gettin' Tighter (featuring Chad Smith)

For his first solo show in Australia, on the 17th June 2006 at famed Sydney venue The Basement, Hughes brought his unique brand of rock-funk to a new audience. This DVD documents that historic event. Indeed, this is one of Britain’s greatest rock singers in acoustic mode, intimate and live, and his soulful, distinctive voice is in top-notch condition throughout: he pleads, he soars, he rocks and he croons.

The songs range across his career, taking in material from his solo albums like 1977’s Play Me Out (‘I Found A Woman’), to 2005’s Soul Mover (the rousing title track, ‘Last Mistake’) and his newest release Music For The Divine (a passionate cover of the Moody Blues’ classic ‘Nights In White Satin’, ‘This Is How I Feel’). On top of that, Hughes returns to his legendary Deep Purple days for ‘This Time Around’, ‘You Keep On Moving’, an astonishing rendition of ‘Mistreated’ and a duet with celebrated Aussie Rock front man Jimmy Barnes on ‘Gettin’ Tighter’.

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