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Jimmy Barnes - Raw (Live in Concert)

A DVD/Video release, this live material recorded on 24th March 2001, in front of more than 35,000 fans at Melbourne’s Colonial Stadium, sees Jimmy Barnes put on one of the most incandescent nights of his career.

Kicking off with the highly personal ‘Love and Hate’, traveling to the Deep South for soul standards and reaching back through his own hits, Jimmy re-writes the book on Rock & Roll, Blues & Soul Music.

It was a night of passion and pain.


  1. Love And Hate. (3.58) (J. Barnes)
  2. Seven Days. (4.46) (B. Dylan)
  3. Land Of 1,000 Dances. (3.05) (C.Kenner/ F. Domino)
  4. All The Young Dudes. (3.32) (D. Bowie)
  5. Lay Down Your Guns. (3.45) (J. Barnes/Nowels)
  6. Khe Sanh. (4.40) (D. Walker )Rondor.
  7. Cheap Wine. (3.33) (D. Walker)
  8. I Put A Spell On You. (4.20) (J. Hawkins)
  9. Bow River. (6.43) (I. Moss)

10. Working Class Man. (5.01) (J. Cain)

Bonus Vision

Music Video: Love And Hate.(2.56) (J. Barnes )
Music Video: Thankful For The Rain.(4.07) (J.Barnes/J.Barnes)
Jimmy Barnes Interview.(4.43)
Photographic  Gallery.

Executive Producer: Drew Thompson.
Audio Recording:Metropolis Audio Doug Brady/Ern Rose.
Video Recording: Channel 7 Melbourne.
Video Director: Peter Wynn.
Video Post - Production: Drew Thompson/ICON Digital.
Mixed by: Brian McMahon.
Assisted by: Hayden Buxton.
Additional  Audio Mix/ Mastered by Mark Opitz.
Tour Promoter: Michael Chugg Enterprises.
DVD Authoring:  DVM International P/L.
Art & Design:  Robbie Newby.
Live Photography:  Andrew Richey- Ripe.

(C) 2001 Thames/Thompson.
(C) Artwork 2004 Thames/Thompson.

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