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Jon Lord - Concerto

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Jon Lord always wanted a studio recording of the concerto. Irony of fate: he made his desire real only most recently. He finalized his very last mission - the first and only studio recording of the famous “Concerto For Group And Orchestra”, representing the definitive performance of a unique work. Lord assembled guest musicians such as Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson, Joe Bonamassa or Steve Morse in the Abbey Road Studios, to work with his trusted partner, director Paul Mann, on the 2012 version of the legendary concert.

“Over these last years since leaving Deep Purple, I’ve played it over 30 times with different orchestras and conductors all over the world, and, of course, in 2000 I did it well over 30 times with Purple on the Concerto tour, so I’ve been honing the piece live on stage, and I’ve had the opportunity to change things in the score that weren’t sounding quite right. It is therefore a marvellous and exciting prospect to have the definitive recording of the definitive version of the score.”
(Jon Lord May 2011)

Already available in 2 different formats (CD and CD+DVD including a 5.1 audio mix) now comes a very special edition of the “Concerto For Group And Orchestra”. Conductor Paul Mann has written a personal history of his association with the Concerto and also detailed the full story of the work and the new recording. The in-depth text about the person behind the Concerto also features a text from Jon Lord telling about his personal approach to the Concerto as well as a statement of Marco de Goeij, telling how he was able to reconstruct the lost musical score for the “Concerto For Group And Orchestra“ by watching videos of live performances and listening to audio recordings.

All this resulted in a fascinating 80 pages story highlighted with rare pictures that will now be released in a mediabook featuring the full Concerto on CD as well as a DVD containing the Making Of as well as exclusive interviews with Paul Mann and Marco de Goeij.

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