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Various Artists - The London Rock & Roll Show

london rock and roll show


For one momentous day in August 1972, Wembley Stadium reverberated to the exhilarating sounds of classic American rock’n’roll. It was the first-ever rock concert held at Wembley.

THE LONDON ROCK & ROLL SHOW feature film, produced and directed by Peter Clifton, tells the story of that historic event. Highlighting the anthemic choruses of BO DIDDLEY and BILL HALEY, the frantic piano pounding excitement of JERRY LEE LEWIS and LITTLE RICHARD and the rollicking rhythms of CHUCK BERRY, this film remains an indispensable testament to the power and passion of great rock’n’roll. “Mona”, “Rock Around the Clock”, “Whole Lotta Shakin’”, “Lucille”, “Reelin’ and Rockin’” and much more…

THE LONDON ROCK & ROLL SHOW has been digitally restored for the 21st century.

1. Be - Bop – A - Lula. The Houseshakers.
(W. Davis/G. Vincent) (Warner/Chappell Music Publishing)

2. C’mon Everybody. Heinz.
(E.Cochran/J. Capehart) (EMI Catalogue Partnership)

 3.Hands Of Jack The Ripper. Screaming Lord Sutch.
(Johnson) (Control)

Mick Jagger Interview 1

4. Road Runner.  Bo Diddley.
(E. McDaniel)  (Campbell Connelly)

5. Take It On Home. Bo Diddley.
(E. McDaniel) (Control)

6. Let It Rock Montage’ with Malcolm McLaren & Vivien Westwood.  
Background Music: Mona  Bo Diddley
(E. McDaniel) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)

 7. High School Confidential. Jerry Lee Lewis.
(Hargraves/Lewis) (EMI Music Publishing)

8. Chantilly Lace.Jerry Lee Lewis.
(J.P. Richardson) (Southern Music Publishing)

9. Whole Lotta  Shakin’ Goin’ On.Jerry Lee Lewis.
(D.Williams) (Warner/Chappell Music Publishing)

Jerry Lee Lewis Interview

10. Medley: Jerry Lee Lewis.
Hound Dog.
(J.Leiber/M.Stroller)(Warner/Chappell Music Publishing/Universal/MCA Music)
Good Golly Miss Molly.
(R. Blackwell/J. Marascalco)(Festival Music)                               
Blue Suede Shoes.
(C. Perkins) (EMI Publishing/MPL Communications)
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.
(D.Williams)(Warner/Chappell Music Publishing)  

11. Shake, Rattle And Roll. Bill Haley & His Comets.
 (C.E.Calhoun) (Warner/Chappell Music Publishing)

Mick Jagger Interviewpart 2

12. See You Later Alligator. Bill Haley & His Comets.
 (R.Guidry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel  Music)                                       

13. Rock Around The Clock. Bill Haley & His Comets.
(J. De. Knight/M.C.Freedman) (Southern Music Publishing)

Mick Jagger Interview part 3 -4

14. Lucille. Little Richard.
(A.Collins/R.Penniman) (Universal/MCA Music)

15. Rip It Up. Little Richard.
(R.Blackwell/J.Marascalco) (Sony/ATV Music Publishing)                 

16. Good Golly Miss Molly. Little Richard.
(R.Blackwell/J.Marascalco) (Hebbs Music Group Pty Ltd)

Little Richard Interview.

17. Tutti - Frutti. Little Richard.
(R.Penniman/J. Lubin/D.La Bostrie) (Sony/ATV Music)

Little Richard Interview part 2

18. Jenny,Jenny. Little Richard.
(E.Johnson/ R.Penniman) (Sony/ATV Music Publishing)
ISRC Code: AU-TQ8-06-000

 Little Richard Interview part 3 - 4

19. School Days. Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/JewelMusic)

20. Memphis,Tennessee.Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)

21. Sweet Little Sixteen. Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/JewelI Music)

22. Mean Old Frisco. Chuck Berry.
(A. Crudup) (Universal/MCA Music)

23. Wee Wee hours. Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)
24. Carol. Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel)

25. Reelin’ & Rockin’. Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry)(Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)

Chuck Berry Interview.

26. Reelin’ & Rockin’ Part 2 Medley: Chuck Berry.
Little Queenie. (C.Berry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)
Carol. (C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)

27. Johnny B. Goode. Chuck Berry.
(C. Berry) (Campbell Connelly/Jewel Music)

A Film by Peter Clifton 1972.  
Recorded Live at Wembley Stadium England on the 17th August 1972.
Bonus 1.
Peter Clifton Director’s  Audio Commentary.

Bonus Vision 2.
Mona Bo Diddley (E. McDaniel ) (Campbell Connelly/JewelMusic)

Produced & Directed By: Peter Clifton.
Executive Producers: Ray & Ron Foulk.      
Assistant Director: Gerry Harrison.      
Edited By: Thomas Schwalm.
Assistant Editor: Fiona Gillespie.     

Photographed By:
Peter Whitehead.        
Mike Whittaker.
Bruce Dowse.
Martin Rolfe.
Peter Jessop.
Tony Coggans.
Stefan Sargent.

Sound recorded by Pye
Reduced at Air Studios: Jack Clegg.
Sound Editor: Gene Ellis.
Dubbing Mixer: Gerry Humphries.
Production: Bavin Cook, Peter Ryan.
Negative Cutting: Terry Parfitt.
Colour by Technicolor.

Filmed on location and completed at Twickenham Film Studios,
London, England 1973.

DVD Executive Producers: Drew Thompson & Peter Clifton.
Telecine Conversion: Intercolour.
Restoration Editor: Morris Todman.
Film Restoration: Mal Humphreys.
Digital Colour Grading: Warren Lynch/Intercolour.
Digital Video Mastering & Audio Restoration: Warren Lynch Intercolour  &
Microstream Pty Ltd.
DVD Authoring : Stream AV
Artwork: Grin Creative.

Thanks to Alex Coroneos and Bill Robertson for their assistance.

All Audio Visual Recording  (C) 2006 Peter Clifton Films Under Licence to Thompson Music Pty Limited.

(C) All Artwork 2006 Thompson Music Pty Limited.

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