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Jimmy Barnes - Unplugged (Live at the Chapel)

  1. Hound Dog.Control
  2. Going Down Alone
  3. Ride The Night Away
  4. Still Got A Long Way To Go
  5. Change Of Heart   
  6. I Found A Love
  7. I’d Die To Be With You Tonight
  8. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
  9. Flame Trees
  10. Good Times
  11. Khe Sanh
  12. Don’t Let Go
  13. Cheap Wine
  14. To Love Somebody
Just off trendy Chapel Street, an excited buzz accompanied the eager procession that filed into 'The Chapel', one of Melbourne's more unusual venues.

Jimmy Barnes, the urban hell raiser who years before was belting out vodka drenched rock in the pub down the road, was about to entertain an intimate crowd in an altogether different environment.


It was to be an impressive performance, the stripped back arrangements highlighting both the enduring passion in Jimmy's trademark voice and the timeless quality of a remarkable back catalogue. Yes, the hits are all there, but their presentation here re-invents them.

Recorded at The Chapel in Melbourne in 2001, Jimmy performs a selection of Cold Chisel and solo hits in an acoustic style, all in an intimate live environment. Featuring Flame Trees, Khe Sanh, When Something Is Wrong With My Baby, Cheap Wine, Ride The Night Away, I'd Die To Be With You Tonight, Good Times and many more, Jimmy Barnes live at The Chapel finds this iconic Australian singer in fine voice.

This simply is a stunning performance - Jimmy at his best.

Bonus Features:

Q & A “Jimmy Style.”
Photo Gallery.

Executive Producer : Drew Thompson.
Engineered by: Ern Rose at Metropolis Audio.
Assisted by: Brian McMahon.
Mixed by:  Brian McMahon( 5.1 & Stereo Mix).
Mastered by Martin Pullan (Edensound).
DVD Authoring: DVM Int. P/L.
Photography: Martin Phibey.
Recorded at “The Chapel”, Melbourne, Australia,12th November 2001.

(C) 2002 Thames/Thompson & T2 MEDIA
(C) Artwork 2002 Thames/Thompson & T2 MEDIA.

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