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Live at the George Ballroom

Mark Holden - Live at the George Ballroom

  1. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
  2. Honey – Do’s
  3. It’s All In The Game
  4. Don’t Give Up On Me
  5. Starting over Again
  6. Lady Soul
  7. Shine
  8. Just Plain Folks
  9. Dreams Of Silver And Memories Of Gold
  10. Short Term Memory Loss Blues
  11. End Of The Line
Bonus Vision:
Countdown performance of Mark Holden “I’m Wanna Make You My Lady”

Comedy Company skit “That Does Not Shizzle..”
Introduction vision: includes:

  1. Honey Doo’s
  2. Lady Soul
  3. Never Gonna Fall In Love again
  4. Shine

“End of the line“ Football show piece with Paul Harrigan
“I’m Wanna Make You My Lady”

Recorded Live At The George Ballroom in 2004.


Vocals & Guitar: Mark Holden.
Musical Director/Guitar: Jeff Burstin.
Drums: Gary Young.
Cello: Helen Mountford.
Accordion & Mandolin: George Butrumlis.
Beat Box & Guitar: Joel Turner.
Organ: Brucie Haymes.
Bass: Steve Hadley.
Backing Vocals: Steve Wade.
Backing Vocals: Gary Pinto.
Backing Vocals: Jo Crieghton.
Guitar: Roger Treble.
Vocals: Mick Holden.
Vocals: Dallas Holden.
Vocals & Guitar: Ross Ryan.
Harp & Vocals: Mike Rudd.
Slide & Bass: Bill Putt.

Bonus Vision:
Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (Promotional clip).
Building Lady Soul.
I Want To Make You My Lady (Countdown ABC TV).
Photo gallery.

Executive Producer: Drew Thompson.
Recording Production Mgt: Ern Rose/Steve Scanlon.
Audio Recording: Metropolis Audio Ern Rose/Steve Scanlon.
Cameras: Tim Maloney, Toby Johnston,
Mick Purdy, Leon De Pettri.
Handy Cam: Amiel Courtin-Wilson.
Vision Director: Pierre Baroni.
D.O.P: Matthews Romanis.
Lighting: Dan Carr, Tim Morrison.
Sound: Mark Wilton.
Video Editor:A nton O’Callaghan, Ian Carmichael.
Mixed & Mastered in:Surround 5.1 stereo by Steve Scanlon At Sound Management Australia P/L.

George Ballroom:Zac Potier.    
Make Up & Hair:Nicole Groch.
DVD Authoring:Microstream Pty/Ltd.
Artwork  Design:Pierre Baroni.
Photography:Pierre Baroni.

Thanks To :
Anna for being my wife
Katie for being my daughter
Cane for being my son
Helen for being my mother
Craig for being my brother
Jenny for being my sister
Peter Threlfall for decades of friendship and mentoring
Drew Thompson for commitment
Pierre for being Pierre
Scanny for years of great sound
Ernie for being a legend
Matt for years of great shots
Jeff for pulling the music together
Roger for the Holden’s arrangements
All the musicians on this dvd for one of the best days of my life.

(C) 2004 Thames/Thompson & T2 MEDIA.  Artwork (C) 2004 Thames/Thompson & T2 MEDIA.

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