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Cotton, Keays & Morris - Live at the Basement


   1.  Same Old Girl
 2.  Hush
 3.  Living In A Child Dream
 4.  Rachael
 5.  Don’t Let It Get To You
 6.  Elevator Driver       
 7.  I Will
 8.  5:1O Man
 9.  Mr America
10. Waiting For The Big One
11. The Wing Of An Eagle
12. The Boy From The Stars
13. Here Comes Another Heartache
14. (It’s All Over Now) Baby Blue
16. Sweet Sweet Love
17. Think About Tomorrow Today
18. 1 Times , 2 Times, 3 Times Four
19. Because I Love You
20. The Real Thing
21. Eleanor Rigby
22. Turn Up Your Radio
Darryl Cotton - Jim Keays - Russell Morris combine their unique blend of talent & musical ability into an event that you will never forget. Seldom will you have the opportunity to see such a totally original show where every number presents a piece of Australian rock & roll history.

Channel 9 performance
Doug Mulray Interview
Radio Interview

Executive Producer:  Drew Thompson.
Video Editor:  Brad Lawson.
Engineered By:
Recorded Live At The Basement, Sydney Australia on 16/10/03.
Mixed By: Steve Scanlon
Mastered By: Steve scanlon
Cover Design: Cymacs.
DVD Authoring: DVM Int. P/L.
Photography: Jamie Carroll Productions.

(C) 2003 Thames/Thompson & T2 Media.
(C) 2003 Artwork Thames/Thompson &T2 Media.
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