Artist Catalogue

Ian Paice - On The Drums

not for pros 240  
  1. Paicesetters
  2. Dustbins
  3. Roadieview
  4. Jam And Alternative Retro Mix
  5. Roadieview’  Live 2001
  6. Ted The Mechanic
  7. Lazy
  8. Knocking At Your Back Door
  9. Highway Star
  10. Fools
  11. Pictures Of Home
  12. Speed King

Executive Producer:  Drew Thompson.DVD Concept & Design:  Drummerrr.Cover Design:  Creations On Line.Management:  Bruce Payne (Thames Talent).Engineered by:  Paul Hicks/Chris Bolster ( Abbey Road Studios).Audio Mastering:  Martin Pullan (Edensound).Video Editor:  Brad Lawson.DVD Authoring : DVM Int. P/L.Photography: Bruce Payne, Mick Gregory.

(C) 2003 Thames/Thompson.
(C) 2003 Artwork Thames/Thompson

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