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1. Free. (5.13)
(Wilson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

2. Odyssey. (3.59)
(Wilson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

3. Up There. (2.49)
(Gaze/Davidson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

4. She’s So Hard To Shake. (4.17)
(Wilson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

5. Vikings. (4.32)
(Wilson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

6. Steps Of Time. (3. 22)
(Davidson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

7. Twenty Three. (3. 49)
(Gaze) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

8. Ascend. (3. 11)
(Daisley) (Thompson Music Publishing)

9.Parade Of Fools.(9.09)
(Wilson) (Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing)

10.Politician(Live)  (6.43)
(Bruce/Brown) (WarnerChappell Music Ltd)

11.She’s So Hard To Shake .(Live) (4.21)
(Wilson)(Essex Music/Universal Music Publishing )

12.Ascend. (Live)(1.47)
(Daisley) (Thompson Music Publishing)

13.Ascension. (Live) (1.46)
(Gaze) (Origin Pacific Music Publishing)

14. Parade Of Fools. (Live) (11.04)
(Wilson) (Essex  Music/Universal Music Publishing )

The Band (on studio recordings)

Dennis Wilson:
Guitar, bottleneck, acoustic and wah-wah guitars, lead vocals

Tim Gaze:
Guitar, steel guitar, piano and lead vocals on ‘Up There’and ‘Twenty Three’

Bob Daisley:
Bass and vocal harmonies

Dannie Davidson:

Studio Recordings:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9  recorded in 1970 at Festival Studios Sydney Australia.

Produced by :Pat Aulton.
All songs arranged by Kahvas Jute.
Design and illustration :Robby Harris.
Photography :    George Farrell.

(P) & (C) 1970 Festival Records Licensed from Warner Music Australia.

The Band (on live recordings)

Guitar & lead vocals :Dennis Wilson
Guitar & backing vocals :Tim Gaze
Bass :Bob Daisley
Drums :Mark Marriott

Live Recordings : 10,11,12,13,14
Recorded Live : At The Basement on the 17th July 2005
Mix Engineer: Dennis Wilson
Mixed by: Bob Daisley and Dennis Wilson
Mastered by: Dennis Wilson
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Website :

Bob Daisley would like to thank Markbass amps, Picato bass strings, Piers Crocker
for equipment maintenance and Darrell Sensing, webmaster at

Tim Gaze would like to thank Picato guitar strings & Jacksons Rare Guitars, Billy Hydes Brisbane, and Mick Wilkinson guitar tech.

Mark Marriott thanks Sonor Drums and Sabian Cymbals.

A  very special thank you to Drew Thompson for his help and involvement.

(P) & (C) 2005  Dennis Wilson, Bob Daisley, Tim Gaze  & Thompson Music Pty Ltd

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