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Live At The Basement

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Darryl Cotton - Jim Keays - Russell Morris combine their unique blend of talent & musical ability into an event that you will never forget. Seldom will you have the opportunity to see such a totally original show where every number presents a piece of Australian rock & roll history.


 1.  Same Old Girl. (Cotton/Christin)
 2.  Hush. (South)
 3.  Living In A Child Dream. (Bower)
 4.  Rachael. (R. Froggart)
 5.  Don’t Let It Get To You. (Cotton/Dunn)
 6.  Elevator Driver. ( Ross/Cadd)         
 7.  I Will. (Cotton/Birtles)
 8.  5:1O Man. (Ford/Keays)
 9.  Mr America. ( Morris)
10. Waiting For The Big One. (Keays)
11. The Wing Of An Eagle. (Morris)
12. The Boy From The Stars. (Keays)
13. Here Comes Another Heartache. (Cotton/Christin)
14. (It’s All Over Now ) Baby Blue. (B. Dylan)
16. Sweet Sweet Love. (Morri.)
17. Think About Tomorrow Today. (Ford/Keays)
18. One Times ,Two Times,Three Times Four. (T. Britten)
19. Because I Love You. (Ford/Keays)
20. The Real Thing (Young)
21. Eleanor Rigby. (Lennon/McCartney)
22. Turn Up Your Radio.  (Ford/Keays)


Channel 9 performance
Doug Mulray Interview
Radio Interview

Executive Producer:  Drew Thompson.
Video Editor:  Brad Lawson.
Engineered By:
Recorded Live At The Basement, Sydney Australia on 16/10/03.
Mixed By: Steve Scanlon
Mastered By: Steve scanlon
Cover Design: Cymacs.
DVD Authoring: DVM Int. P/L.
Photography: Jamie Carroll Productions.

(C) 2003 Thames/Thompson & T2 Media.
(C) 2003 Artwork Thames/Thompson &T2 Media.

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