Artist Catalogue


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1. Too Many Times.
2. Lets Cook.
3. To Love Us Too.
4. Concrete And Clay.
5. Spirit Got Lost.
6. If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?
7. One Thing Leads To Another.
8. Come Around.
9. Live It Up.
10. Let’s Go To Paradise.
11. Stretchmarks.
12. The Ballad Of Narelle ( part one ).
13. Mr Natural.
14. Instrumental As Anything.
15. Talk To Baby Jesus.
16. Berserk Warriors.
17. Nigel.
18. Egypt.
19. Got Hit.
20. Apocalypso ( Wiping the smile off Santa’s face ).
21. Looking For Bird.
22. (Marie’s The Name) His Latest Flame.
23. He’s No Good For You.
24. (just like) Romeo and Juliet.
25. Whole Wide World.
26. You’re So Strong.
27. The Nips Are Getting Bigger.

Bonus Vision 1:
28. Swinging Safari.    
29. Sweetheart.
30. Ruby( don’t take your love to town).
31. Rock “n” Roll Music.

Bonus Vision 2:
Interview with Band.

Bonus Vision 3:
Promotional Film Clip - Stretchmarks.

Executive Producer:  Drew Thompson.
Management: Cranium Management.
Video Editor:  Brad Lawson.
Engineered by: John Bee.
Mixed by: Steve Scanlon at Sound Management Australia.
Recorded live at The  Basement , Sydney on the 16/8/03.
Mastered by: Steve Scanlon at Sound Management Australia.
Cover Design: Grin Creative.
Artwork: Paul Worstead.
DVD Authoring : DVM Int.P/L.
Stage Management: Darrin Brain.
Project Co-ordinator : David Baxter (DB)
Video Interview Production:  Ross Wood.
Live Sound: John ‘Beers’ Harman

Webcast Crew:

Director: Ross Wood.
Audio: John Bee.
Remote Cam: Steve Hajas.
Tape Operator: Harley Tesoriero.
Technical Director: Bob Bell.
Lighting Director: John Corwin.
Floor Cam 1: Jim Walpole.
Floor Cam 2: Sam Collins.
Production Manager: Jason Brookes.
Executive Producer: Hamish Cameron.

(C) 2003 Thames/Thompson & T2 Media.
Artwork (C) 2003 Thames/Thompson & T2 Media.

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